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Yes, this is a real guitar! If it wasn't a light you could actually play it. Music and light come to together to provide unique lighting options for any room in your house, office or business! All of our lights are custom made to order. Whether you need the guitar light to mount directly to a base or need them to hang we can build your custom guitar light to suit your installation needs. Installation is as easy as installing any standard type of light fixture. We offer a few different color choices to suit the style of your room. If you don't see the color option you would like, please inquire as we may be able to get the color you desire in a guitar light fixture. The lights we have shown below here are available to build immediately.  We'll also soon be offering other styles of lighting such as ukulele and drum shell fixtures! We're just getting this business rolling so check back as we add more styles to our musical lights line up!

Stylish Guitar Lights. Unique accent or main lighting for any room! Great for home, office and business!
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Decorative Acoustic Guitar Light Fixture. Our light fixtures are custom made!

It's a unique lighting choice to show off your love of music. Choose from 1 of 6 color options. Choose one that matches the decor in your home, office, or business (Color availability may vary. We'll let you know if your choice is not available and offer options).  My Guitar Lights are made from real quality wood guitars and UL approved 60 watt lighting fixtures. Custom made fixture options for hanging or semi flush mounting. Please describe mounting type needed and state desired length from ceiling in message/comments box when ordering.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery!
In most cases your order will arrive before the delivery time stated but we have to provide the disclaimer just in case!

Lights with a touch of music!